Westland Wessex Manual

Westland Wessex Manual

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Wydawnictwo: Haynes
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Numer katalogowy: 1923255
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Westland Wessex Manual - opis

With an active service life of more than 40 years with the Royal Navy and the RAF, the Westland Wessex was one of the most versatile helicopters of the Cold War. Its duties included Commando and Special Forces insertions during the Falklands War, anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, as well as battlefield troop transport and supplies carrier.
Lee Howard has full access to several restored Wessex airframes to complete a full Haynes Manual treatment of this once ubiquitous and versatile helicopter, including insights into its operation and maintenance from former Wessex air and groundcrews.
Author: Lee Howard AMRAeS is an aviation photographer and author of the Haynes Westland Sea King and Westland Lynx Manuals. Lee trained as a civilian helicopter engine and airframes engineer and has worked on a wide range of military helicopters. He lives in Somerset.

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